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Tell Your Tale, Little Bird

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Filmed in 1993 over the course of 35 hours of interviewing, this documentary centers the stories of seven women fighters active in the 1970s. Tell Your Tale, Little Bird explores Palestinian resistance through the women's recount of their own lives and the unrealized dreams of a revolutionary generation. Memory as an essential element of feminist struggle, framed by intersections of gender and colonial oppression, the movie highlights the power of oral tradition in resistance against oppression. As the director Arab Loutfi herself stated: “The peculiarity of my film is in a confident, unapologetic and even proud female narrative. A narrative that tells about the history that shaped the dream of the seventies generation, at a time when the currently prevailing documentation schools are trying to obliterate the spirit of this experience.”

Arab Loutfi


92 min

Arabic dialogue, English subtitles

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Aldersgrense 18 år


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