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A dazzling journey to the edges of the world We start off this semester with the vignette theme, in which we focus on films with a minimal or non-existent narrative where the focus is rather on a series of clips which have no obvious relation to each other. Samsara is perhaps one of the grander attempts at this kind of cinema, which takes us across the world and presents us with the vastly contrasting scenery the world has to offer, from natural landscapes to cultural monuments. Unlike other similar projects such as Koyaaniquatsi, there is less of a focus on natural monuments and is more concerned with humans and the different ways that we exist. This project was filmed over the course of five years and in twenty-five countries, a massive document of the variation in our world, condensed down to just under two hours. Here the viewer is left on their own to construct a meaning from the images they are confronted with, without the guidance of narration or dialogue.



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